What We Can Do For You


Why Choose Zimco landscaping?

In a world where everyone wants to start a landscaping company what makes us stand out? It comes down to the core beliefes held by ZimCo Landscaping. We were created with 1 goal in mind, Quality work at a Resonable price. Thats what we strive for with every client we work with. As one of our long term clients said "when we work with you we both eat steak, you don't eat lobster while I eat rice." 

Why have your property professinoly maintained?

This comes down to 1 point, First Impressions! A well maintained property will simply bring in more business. For example lets say you're out looking for a new home, the first neighborhood you go into has cut grass but it's patchy and has weeds. The beds havent had mulch / pinestraw put down in over a year, the bushes look ratty and the trees havent been trimmed in forever. 

Is this going to be a neighborhood that you're going to want to raise your children in?

Now lets say you go to another neighborhood after you looked at the first one. The grass is cut well and has a nice green color to it. The bushes look maicured and the beds are clean and have freash pinestraw. Will you ever go back and look at a home in the first neighborhood? Probably not.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter if you're maintaining a neighborhood or running a buisness, a properly maintained property will bring more people in and keep them coming back than one that isn't. 

Don't let the outside of your property chase people away. Bring us in to keep your investment working for you, not against you!

What we offer Commercial Clients

The services we offer to commercial clients very greatly based on your needs. Unlike residential where we have basic service packages at a flat rate with commercial everything is seperate giving you the ability to customize your monthly service. Here is a list of services we provide to our commercial clients.

  1. Lawn cutting (includes all green space on the property)
  2. Edging all areas bordering walkways, curbs, parking lots and patios
  3. Blowing all parking lots, walkways and patios
  4. Weed management (includes spraying and weed and feeds to provide a weed free property)
  5. Fertilizer program (provides professional fertilizer programs with professional results)
  6. Ant Treatment (we will treat fire ant mounds as we find them, please remember we aren't exterminators so the products we can use are limited)
  7. Litter pickup (we will pick up litter found on the lot to maintain a clean exterior during our visits)
  8. Irrigation Repair and maintainence
  9. Custome service requests (don't see somthing here? Not a problem, let us know what you need and we can make it happen!)

Never Pay in Advance

Have you ever hired a Landscaper only to hear these words "our invoices are billed on the 1st of the month." you pay the first invoice just to have them skip a week because of weather or some other reason. You ask for a refund for that missed week and get told no its part of our contract. 

With us all of our invoices are billed in the rears. This means we bill on the 1st of the month for the previous month. Example. We provide services to you in the month of June, we will submit June's invoice on July 1st. This way you will never pay for work that isn't completed. 

With us you will only ever pay for work that was completed, never in advance.