Lawn Maintenance Services


Lawn maintenance

Lets face it, not everyone has the time to spend cutting their grass. Our clients have families and jobs so most of their free time is taken up as it is. No one wants to spend what little free time they have outside cutting grass when it's 90 degrees outside. That's where we come in, not only do we help you keep that free time you wait all week for but we also have the knowledge and equipment to keep your lawn looking its best! 

This service includes - Lawn Cut, Weed Eating, Edging and Blowing.

Bush Trimming

Bushes are considered a low maintenance landscape plant because it comes back every year or even stays green all year. However when that salesman at the nursery sells you that beautiful bush they aren't telling you the whole truth. What they should be saying is.

This plant will fill in your bed perfectly, however it will grow to approximately 12 feet tall and wide so you will need to trim it every month or it will basically become a small tree.

At the end of the day most people don't want to play around with their bushes so it's not unusual for us to see bushes growing to their maximum size and completely overtaking the homes they were planted in front of. When a bush does this it becomes extremely difficult to reduce its size, not impossible but difficult and I forgot to mention expensive. So do yourself, your property and your wallet a favor, give us a call and let us keep those tricky plants looking nice!

This Service Includes - Trimming all bushes according to your desired size.

Weed management

Sometimes your lawn simply needs a little love and attention. When your lawn is well kept but for some reason starts to show its age normally that indicates a lack of nutrients in the soil. So in those instances we recommend a good weed and feed. This service is done either every 3 months or every 6 months depending on the grass type and will help replenish those vital nutrients your grass so desperately needs. As a bonus a weed and feed will also help control those annoying weeds that can eventually smoother your lawn.

This Service Includes - Weed and feed product and application.

We also offer spray weed management and hand pulling services. This includes weeding for plant beds, driveways, patios and more. 

Mulch / Pine-straw

Plant bed coverings like mulch and pine-straw can be a pain to lay down and will often take a homeowner all day to install themselves, Not to mention Expensive. We can help! our price for mulch normally comes in lower than the prices of big box stores because we purchase mulch at wholesale pricing. Below you can find our mulch prices. Please be away these prices include materials AND installation. We don't just sell mulch.

Our pricing is as follows

Mulch - $100 per cubic yard. This price includes mulch and installation. 1 cubic yard = 14 bags of mulch from the big box stores. 1 cubic yard covers 104 square feet with a layer 3 inches deep.

Pine-straw - $7.50 per bail. This price includes pine-straw, installation and rolling the edges for a finished look.

1 bail = 30 square feet

Lawn Cleanup

This is a service we offer that just covers general cleaning of your lawn to bring it back into good shape. This can include a lawn that's completely over grown or one that needs a bunch of leaves or pine-straw cleaned up. 

This service includes a standard Lawn Maintenance Service and bagging / hauling off any debris.

Irrigation Maintenance Services


Irrigation Diagnostic

We often recommend a full diagnostic be done on your irrigation system every year in mid march before you actually have to turn them on for the year. In our diagnostic we check these key points to insure your system is up and running

1 - Does the timer work correctly

2 - We check for broken sprinkler heads. These include heads that are simply spraying water straight up, not turning properly, poor water flow.

3 - We check for miss aligned heads. This includes heads that have tilted to one side or the other which ruins the heads spray patterns and can even render the sprinkler completely useless. I've seen heads that have tilted watering one of our customers roofs for example. I also look for heads that have sunken down into the ground causes them to not open properly.

4 - We check for any leaking heads or pipes to insure you're getting the most from your system.

5 - We check to insure your solenoid valves are working correctly and that the wires aren't getting corroded.

SPRINKLER Head Replacement

We insure the best possible longevity of any heads we have to replace by only using commercial rated sprinkler heads. Our price is as follows.

$30 per head - Includes, Sprinkler head, installation and insuring the head is leveled and  spraying the correct directions.

Irrigation line replacement

Sometimes you break a line even if it's no ones fault. Yes your off the hook, that game of lawn darts probably had nothing to do with your irrigation line breaking!  No matter what the reason is broken sprinkler lines are a fact of life, it happens and they need to be fixed when it does. We can fix the lines and get your sprinkler system back up and running as quickly as possible!

Solenoid Replacement

Solenoids are the cool little contraptions that make those automatic timers work. When one breaks it can cripple entire zones making your once perfect automatic irrigation system into a paper weight. If a solenoid breaks the only real way to fix it is to replace it. 

Sprinkler head re-ALIGNMENT

Sometimes sprinkler heads do funny things over time. For example they can tilt and spray way up in the air or they can sink and spray just over the top of your grass. At ZimCo Landscaping we've seen all kinds of funny things with sprinkler heads. So if your heads are doing odd things it could just simply need to be re-aligned and straighten back up.